Are Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Good for Teeth?

Grilled Cheese 300x180 Are Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Good for Teeth?Saturday was National Grilled Cheese Day. Many of us enjoy this comfort food so much, we certainly don’t celebrate the virtues of grilled cheese merely once a year. Bread is a slippery slope when talking about dental health, as refined carbohydrates are processed in your mouth just like sugar. But what about cheese? General Dentistry is a peer-reviewed clinical journal of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD). In their May/June 2013 issue, one article showed the undeniable dental health benefits of cheese. Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari will weigh in on this topic. Continue reading

Is Tweeting Giving you a Migraine?

Overhead Laptop 300x200 Is Tweeting Giving you a Migraine?Social media is a sounding board for just about anything these days. You can often comb through your Twitter or Facebook feeds and find plentiful statuses of friends and family venting about different types of pain. So prevalent is the social media phenomenon that scientists have decided to study Twitter posts to learn more about migraine headaches. A recent study was led by Alexandre DaSilva, assistant professor and director of the Headache and Orofacial Pain Effort at the University of Michigan School of Dentistry, in the home state of Comfort Dental Spa. Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari would like to share more about this fascinating information which was published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research. Continue reading

Tongue True-or-False

Tongue Question Mark 300x199 Tongue True or FalseYour tongue  is an essential muscle in your mouth. Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari will always check your tongue at your six month dental checkups because in addition to helping you tell tales (with the ability to speak) the look of your tongue tells tales to the dentist. Want to learn more?  


Q1. True or false: Your tongue changes when you are sick.

Q2. True or false: The tongue is the only muscle in your body which is only attached on one side.

Q3. True or false: Tongues can lift a tremendous amount of weight.

Q4. True or false: Contrary to popular belief human tongues aren’t the place where most of your taste buds are.


A1. TRUE – Your tongue often shows signs when your physical health is not in order. In addition to viruses such as the common cold, diabetes, anemia, and certain types of cancer may show on your tongue in the form of bumps and discoloration.

A2. TRUE – Your tongue is known as the strongest muscle in your body. Technically, it is comprised of eight smaller muscles which work together to move your tongue in all of those different directions for speaking and eating. There is no other muscle like your tongue in your body. All the rest are attached on both ends.

A3. TRUE – Tongues are extremely robust. Thomas Blackwell holds the record for tongue lifting with a 24 lb., 3 oz. lift. Yes, your tongue is a dynamo, but do not try this at home.

A4. FALSE – Your mouth has 10,000 taste buds. Most of them (some 8,000 or so) reside on your tongue. Another 2,000 are found on the inside of your cheeks and on the sides and bottom of your tongue. You also have a few on the roof of your mouth.

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