A History of Dental Hygiene Advancement

brief history of hygiene advancementLike most things, the art of caring for your teeth has advanced greatly since the first primitive attempts of our ancestors. Nevertheless, our oral health in general is still guided by the same principles, and it’s interesting to discover how humanity of old sought to treat and relieve the issues that plagued the smiles of their times. Find out how these attempts compare to the innovations we enjoy today by reading our brief history of dental hygiene’s advancements. Continue reading

Wisdom Teeth: FAQs

wisdomteethbluefaceHow much do you know about whether you need wisdom teeth removal? Are you even quite certain what a wisdom tooth is or whether or not you need these teeth? The good news is that we are ready to answer all of your questions – all you have to do is schedule a visit to see us. We will thoroughly examine your oral cavity with the help of advanced imaging, so we can see exactly what’s happening with your smile. As for the particulars regarding this final set of molars, we have gathered answers to questions frequently brought up by our patients.

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Sleep Apnea Treatment: Do You Need It?

sleepingmangraySleep apnea can cause some confusion because it occurs at night, while you’re sleeping, so you might not even notice it’s happening. Fortunately, you have some simple options for discovering the issue. First, a significant other may tell you that they hear you making gasping or choking noises at night – this is a red flag that you need to visit us for help. Or, you may notice common symptoms throughout the day. Learn more and visit us to discuss sleep apnea treatment right away if you think you might need it.

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