What Is TMJ Disorder?

shutterstock_112469801TMJ disorder, or temporomandibular joint disorder, affects the jaw joint which acts as a hinge, connecting the jaw to the skull. Although there isn’t one exact cause for the disorder, often times it occurs after you’ve experienced some sort of facial injury or trauma. Because of this and the nature of symptoms you may experience if you have TMJ, it’s difficult to diagnose. However, when you visit your dentist, they’ll be able to examine your jaw and joints (along with other tests) to determine if this is what you’re suffering from. So, when should you visit your dentist about your jaw? Continue reading

Do You Have Sensitive Teeth?

shutterstock_186377261Tooth sensitivity, no matter the severity, can get in the way of a lot of your daily tasks (especially eating). Whether you’re experiencing sensitivity that come and goes, is constant, or only occurs around extreme temperatures, you may have an underlying dental problem. Tooth sensitivity is unfortunately common and certainly uncomfortable. In fact, over 40 million Americans have suffered from tooth sensitivities at one time or another – can you believe it? Although treatable, there are several different conditions and issues that could cause such sensitivity – so you can plan to visit your dentist soon! Continue reading