Are You A Candidate for Sedation Dentistry?

Are You A Candidate for Sedation DentistryWhile many people can take dental appointments in stride, this is not true of everyone. For a segment of the population, the thought of a dental check up and cleaning can be a source of considerable stress. One option is avoiding visits to the dentist. Unfortunately, this can create larger problems. Cleanings and preventive care are key to catch small problems before they become big ones. A better solution for those with dental anxiety may be talking to your dentist about sedation dentistry. You can get the exams and treatment you need, without unnecessary stress. Continue reading

2 Ways Summer Benefits Your Smile

2redAs we usher in summer and its warmer, sunnier days, we spend a lot of time focusing on avoiding dangerous sun exposure. However, we know that time in the great outdoors is always a beneficial decision for humans. So, how does one figure out the correct balance? Is it better to stay inside in the air-conditioning until autumn shows up? Should we be soaking up as much sunlight as possible? Allow us to explain how summer can benefit your grin and oral health and how you should be approaching this season.

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Your Summertime Smile Safety Quiz

sunskycloudsHow’s the warm weather treating you and your smile? When summer rolls around, we like to let our patients know that there’s a safe way to make it through summertime – and then a not-so-safe way when it comes to oral health protection. Do you think you know how to keep your smile in wonderful condition throughout these fun-filled months? Let’s find out with a quiz!

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