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Happy new year! I hope 2011 is already bringing you health, prosperity, and much happiness.

With a new year upon us, new year’s resolutions are on everyone’s minds. Usually, new year’s resolutions are goals for self-improvement. Unfortunately, most people lose sight of these goals before the end of January.

I’m Dr. Aziza Askari of Comfort Dental Spa in Farmington Hills, Michigan, and I have a challenge for you. This year, make the resolution to be the best version of you possible.

This can mean different things for different people. If you can’t remember the last time you had a dental exam and cleaning, make an appointment and come in. We would love to see you! I like to see my patients every six months for routine dental cleanings and exams to make sure that everything is working properly. At these exams, I will check for signs of tooth decay and other abnormalities, as well as screen for more serious problems, such as oral cancer and gum disease. Starting this year, make it a point to come in for regular check-ups. This, along with proper hygiene habits, is the best prevention and protection you can have against long term, serious oral problems. I want you to have the healthiest mouth possible. After all, your oral health has a huge impact on your overall health and well being.

If you already have a healthy mouth, cosmetic dentistry may be needed to give you the beautiful smile you have always dreamed of. I want to give you a smile that you love, and I am proud to offer an extensive list of cosmetic procedures to my patients. If you have been contemplating the right solution for your chipped, stained, or crooked smile, schedule an appointment and come on in. I am happy to sit down with you to discuss your dental goals and determine which cosmetic solution will best fit your needs and give you the results you are looking for. You deserve to fall in love with your smile every time you look in the mirror, and my team and I are here to help.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call my office at (248) 474-6434. Make the resolution to become the best version of you in 2011. Your health and newfound confidence will thank you.

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