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Emily recently joined the Comfort Dental Spa team, and has over seven years experience in the dental field. She received her degree in applied science from Kaplan University.

Emily has the personality and skills to be a Patient Relations Coordinator. She believes that each patient is a chance to make a significant difference in someone’s life. Every patient has a different story and not just related to dental care. “Every day I learn something new just by listening to my patients.”

Patients love her outgoing personality and ability to hear and act upon what they really want.  She makes her patients extremely comfortable by developing a relationship with them.

When she isn’t working, Emily enjoys spending time with her husband, Mike, and three children, Makayla, Alyssa, and Michael. Her favorite pastimes are camping, fishing, hunting, reading, exercising, and remodeling around the house.

Emily has a great outlook on charity: “I don’t think charity work should be defined by a title or special event you have attended. True charity comes from the heart and needs not to be recognized. Everywhere you look there are charitable opportunities, for example: After a lovely dinner at Outback Steak House, my husband and I headed to Meijers for some last-minute Christmas shopping. While we were in the check-out line, we noticed a mother with her son, and she had a very worried look on her face. Each item that went through the scanner grew her face even more worrisome. The woman only had ten items total; she was trying to prepare a steak dinner for her son for Christmas because that is all that he wanted (I picked this up by listening to their conversation). Then the woman said to her son, ‘I’m sorry honey; I tried to make us the steak dinner but just don’t have enough money. Well, at least we tried.’ The 13 year old son appreciative of his mothers attempt simply nodded his head and reassured her that it was not a big deal.  My husband and I looked at each other. I started praying to myself for the woman and her son just as my husband stepped up to the counter. He told the cashier to ring up all of her remaining items and that we would pay for it. The woman looked at my husband in disbelief. She then started to cry, thanking my husband over and over again. Then tears started rolling down my cheek as I observed my husband’s act of charity and how much it meant to the woman and her son.  This experience truly opened my eyes and made me realize how many things in life we take for granted. My family has been extremely blessed, and we feel that it is our duty to be charitable with every opportunity that is presented to us.”

If you have not had the opportunity to meet Emily, call our Farmington Hills dental office at (248)566-6490 and schedule an appointment today.

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