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Wisdom teeth are your third set of molars, and usually they start to erupt between ages 15 and 21. They can create problems due to their location and the way they grow.  Problematic wisdom teeth are often misaligned or impacted, and they can cause overcrowding, tooth movement, and malocclusion. Even if wisdom teeth emerge with no complications, their location in the back of the mouth makes them difficult to clean, thus prone to decay.

When is it wise to have your wisdom teeth removed? Honestly, extraction of third molars is less traumatic in younger patients. So, the ideal time is during the teen years. However, we certainly can remove wisdom teeth in adults when complications or pain are a concern.

Some symptoms that may indicate the removal of your wisdom teeth include:

  • Crowding of the teeth
  • Frequent decay and infection around the wisdom teeth
  • Stiffness or pain in the jaw
  • Pain in the mouth around the teeth
  • Problems chewing after the wisdom teeth erupt

Wisdom teeth can often be extracted prior to problems occurring. X-rays may reveal when wisdom teeth might present future problems. Dr. Aziza Askari of Comfort Dental Spa can determine during your routine dental examination whether a wisdom tooth is going to create problems down the road.

Before you have to have your wisdom teeth removed, Dr. Askari  will discuss the procedure with you thoroughly. You will be given a local or general anesthetic prior to extraction, so you’ll remain comfortable during the procedure.

Upon completion of the extraction, the doctor will advise you of what to expect after the procedure.  The more you know about recovery, the more prepared and comfortable you’ll feel.  The following tips will help speed your recovery:

  • Bite gently on a gauze pad periodically.
  • Prop your head up on pillows. Do not lie flat.
  • Use an ice pack on the outside of your cheek.
  • Relax. Physical activity may slow the healing process.
  • Gently rinse your mouth with warm saltwater several times daily after the first day.
  • Take medication as directed by the dentist.

For more information on wisdom teeth extraction, or for a second opinion, call Comfort Dental Spa in Farmington Hills, MI at (248)566-6490. We serve patients from Farmington Hills, Novi, Livonia and surrounding communities. Don’t let your painful wisdom teeth affect your good sense!

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