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Removing wisdom from your head is usually not a good idea, but when it comes to your wisdom teeth, it’s wise to consider it. Wisdom teeth are the last four of 32 teeth, located at the back of the mouth. They surface between the ages of 17 and 25.

Not all wisdom teeth require removal. Reasons for extraction include problems such as pain, swelling, decay or infection. However, wisdom teeth removal is a great preventive measure against future problems, even when there are no active issues. Choosing to keep these particular pieces of wisdom is potentially unwise considering future risks:

Damage to nearby teeth (cavities, gum disease, and bone loss)

Disease (uncommon but possible cysts and tumors)

Infection (from trapped food particles under the gum tissue)

Tooth Crowding (the theory that wisdom teeth pressurize and misalign other teeth)

Mid-teen is the recommended age for assessment. Dr. Aziza Askari conducts panoramic and digital x-rays to evaluate wisdom teeth. We can then determine if the wisest move is to extract your wisdom teeth.

We’ll use local anesthesia during the procedure and can send you on your way the very same day. We also provide post-operative instructions and medication to manage possible swelling or discomfort. This surgery eliminates the potential for future problems and will leave you free to experience the kind of security and bliss which usually only comes with ignorance.

To find out if you need your wisdom teeth removed, call us at Comfort Dental Spa in Farmington Hills, Michigan at (248) 474-6434.

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