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Approximately two weeks ago, a 24-year-old Cincinnati father lost his life. Believe it or not, his death wasn’t a result of ongoing health problems, a heart attack, or a car accident.

Kyle Willis lost his life due to oral health problems.

Willis was suffering from a tooth infection and was told to undergo treatment immediately to cure the infection. Unfortunately, treatment was incredibly expensive and, being unemployed and without health insurance, Willis could not afford it and, as a result, ignored the recommendations of doctors and dentists.

The infection quickly escalated, and his head began aching and his face swelling after only a few days. This urged him to go to the emergency room, where he was advised to take antibiotics and pain medication. Due to his shortage of funds, he chose to only take pain medications.

The tooth infection continued to spread rapidly and caused swelling in Willis’ brain, ending his life.

This story is not meant to scare you, but Dr. Aziza Askari, a comprehensive care dentist near Detroit, wants to highlight the importance of oral health. According to Dr. Askari, “people don’t realize that dentists are not just doing cosmetic makeovers or just saving teeth. Dentists transform and save lives.”

Your oral and overall health are deeply connected, and one greatly impacts the other. For example, certain cancers and radiation can lead to oral problems, such as dry mouth, while, in Willis’ case, an infected tooth led to larger complications and, ultimately, death.

Oral health is extremely important, and ignoring it could be lethal. For a limited time, Dr. Askari and the Comfort Dental Spa team are offering FREE needed dental care to new patients. To see if you qualify and to schedule an appointment, please call Comfort Dental Spa in Farmington Hills, Michigan at (248) 474-6434.

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