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The Mouth-Body Connection in Periodontal Disease

Do you spit out blood every time you brush your teeth? Dr. Askari can assess your gums and offer treatment to get that inflammation under control and bring your entire body back into balance.

Teeth Straightening Throughout History

Did you know that humans have been worried about straight smiles for centuries? Teeth straightening methods date back thousands of years. Surprisingly, our ancient ancestors were more concerned with their teeth than we might have originally thought. As you read the facts below, imagine how uncomfortable things were for a dental patient before the invention […]

Get a Better Night’s Sleep from Comfort Dental Spa

Do you feel rested and refreshed when you wake up in the morning, or as tired as if you’d been running a marathon? Do you have trouble staying awake at the wheel? Do you feel irritated, moody, or depressed without being able to pinpoint a trigger? Does your snoring cause problems at night? If so, […]