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DenturesThroughout history, dentures have been a great means of teeth restoration for some people.  Denture wearers are able to smile freely without embarrassment of missing teeth, and for the most part, they are able to eat, speak, and go about a normal life without much inconvenience. There can be drawbacks when conventional dentures cause discomfort to the wearer, or slip when eating foods like corn-on-the-cob or apples. However, they still remain one of the top cost effective ways to restore a smile with missing teeth. Your Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari, will discuss the options he can give you to deal with denture discomfort.

 Denture Drawbacks

No matter how expertly and snugly a new set of dentures fits your mouth, dentures are bound to become loose over time. This is because there is no root anchoring your teeth to the gumline. As gum tissue recedes due to natural aging, dentures that may have fit perfectly a few months earlier will now be ill-fitted. Loose dentures that slip all around in your mouth can be very irritating. The only relief from the pain that this friction causes is to remove the dentures completely. Many people end up only wearing their dentures when they go in public. If your dentures become loose, don’t hesitate to call your dentist for an adjustment, but be aware that they may become loose again over time.

Permanent Dental Implant Dentures

There is a solution for people that are tired of the higher maintenance of traditional dentures. Dental implants look, act, and feel just like natural teeth. You can throw away all of your sticky denture adhesives and special cleaners away, and stick to a regular toothbrush and toothpaste. Dental implants can actually improve your overall oral health because the biocompatible titanium rod that’s implanted into your jaw mimics the roots of your teeth. This will mean that your body continues to send nutrients to the jawbone for optimal density.

Dentures and Dental Implants from Farmington Hills Dentist

If you’re in need of traditional dentures or interested in a dental implant consultation, or just in need of a general dental checkup, contact your dentist in Farmington Hills for a consultation. You can reach Dr. Askari and the Comfort Dental Spa team by calling our 48335 dentist office at (248) 474-6434. We are happy to serve patients in Farmington Hills, MI, and surrounding neighborhoods.

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