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Quiz CubesThe ability to do a root canal procedure requires extra dental schooling. The specialty is called endodontics. While we can label the parts of a tooth on a fairly simplistic level – enamel, dentin, pulp – the structures that are inside each tooth are more complex than you might realize.  Endodontic specialists are aware of the subtleties of these root and nerve structures, connected by canals found inside the teeth. We have spoken in previous blogs about root canal treatments and endodontics. Were you paying attention? Your Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari, will quiz you today to find out.


Q1. True or false – Endodontic treatment and root canal therapy are synonymous.

Q2. True or false – Root canal therapy is not a viable option for dental injuries.

Q3. True or false – Root canal therapy can help re-attach a knocked out tooth.

Q4. True or false – The space left when the tooth is cleaned out from a root canal treatment will be filled with a rubber-like substance.


A1. TRUE – Endodontic treatment and root canal therapy are interchangeable names. The specialty is focused on saving as much of the natural tooth as possible, even if tooth decay has done a great deal of damage.

A2. FALSE – Endodontic specialists (like your Farmington Hills dentist)  can treat tooth fractures, chipped teeth, tooth decay which has gone into the root, and dental injuries where part of the tooth or pulp must be removed to keep any of the existing structure.

A3. TRUE – Not always, but there are some cases where a knocked out tooth can be, reattached with the help of an endodontic specialist

A4. TRUE – Once the pulp has been removed, the space will next be filled with a biocompatible material that is similar in consistency to rubber. Next, cement will seal off the root canals so that bacteria will not be able to cause further infection to the sensitive area. Finally, a filling or crown will be placed to strengthen the restored tooth.

Endodontic Procedures from Farmington Hills Dentist

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