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Iced TeaAs the weather is warming all over our country, you may find yourself reaching for cool drinks throughout the day. Even if you want a caffeine boost, you can still cool off with iced coffees. In fact, your corner coffee house likely serves just about every warm drink they have on the menu over ice, should you so choose. Coffee has certain health benefits for your teeth, but unless you’re drinking it black, it can have negative implications on your dental health (as in sugar leads to cavities). While green tea might sound like a better drink for a cold winter afternoon, have you tried it iced? Green tea can improve the state of your oral health  at the same time that it quenches your thirst. Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari, will tell you more about how choosing iced green tea this summer can improve the health of your teeth and gums.

Green Tea and Dental Health

According to several research studies, one or two cups of green tea can improve your dental health in multiple ways. One clinical trial at Tohoku University pin-pointed an antimicrobial effect on the bacteria that causes tooth decay when study volunteers were exposed to green tea. Kyushu University in Japan looked at catechins in green tea, finding that they can reduce inflammation of gum tissue as well as shrinking the size of periodontal pockets. Catechins also minimized gum bleeding in the presence of gingivitis while reducing loss of connective tissue in study participants. Findings from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology in Israel linked green tea to fighting bad breath.

What About Teeth Stains?

Just as with any dark colored food or beverage, green tea may leave trace stains on the surfaces of your teeth, but nothing compared to coffee. As long as you keep up with good oral hygiene, you should be able to gently and effectively remove green tea stains as you go. If you do notice more dulling, yellowing, or staining over time, for any reason, professional teeth whitening is just a phone call away. Your Farmington Hills dentist can offer several whitening options. Don’t hesitate to give green tea a try, and if you drink it iced, sipping through a straw will make staining even more minimal.

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