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Dentures 1While the ideal situation is to keep all of your natural teeth with the help of good oral hygiene and preventive dentistry, some people end up losing their teeth, and that’s just a fact. Whether decay got the better of you, or an unpredictable traumatic injury or accident occurred, if you have many teeth to replace, you have probably been weighing your options. In our last blog, we gave you plenty of new information about traditional dentures. Today, Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari, will challenge you to a quiz on dentures to see if you were paying attention.


Q1. True or false – In order to compete with the growing popularity of dental implants, dentures are now permanently glued to your gum tissue with dental grade superglue.

Q2. True or false – A dissatisfaction with chewing food is often reported by people who wear dentures.

Q3. True or false – Sensation can be compromised as a result of wearing dentures, so you should make sure your food is never too hot.


A1. FALSE – Dentures have been designed to sit on the top of your gingival tissues temporarily. Dental implants are embedded through the gums and into the jawbone. If you want the most stable, root-like structure to attach realistic prosthetic teeth to, implants are the way to go. Traditional dentures are a reliable and affordable tooth replacement method for some people, however. Store bought adhesives can help make dentures more secure.

A2. TRUE – This is termed “chewing satisfaction,” and unfortunately, you may not have as much of it when you sport dentures. Luckily, over time and with adjustment, you may find that eating begins to be more and more pleasurable again. Give it some time, and if your brain and senses can’t seem to get over the lack of enjoyment eating your favorite foods, perhaps a consultation for dental implants will be a good move for you.

A3. TRUE – When you are in the adjustment phase after getting fitted for dentures, you should be very cautious about the temperature of anything you put in your mouth. With a dulling of sensations, mouth burns are definitely a potential downfall to dentures.

Farmington Hills Dentist Offers Dentures

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