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Relaxed ManFor the most anxious patients, fear of going to the dentist can extend all the way to the simplest things like a six month checkup and cleaning. Unfortunately, if you put off your dental visits for years on end, you will pay the price in the form of poor dental health. Your increasing dental needs are likely to ignite your phobia even further. If you let this madness go on, you’ll end up with no teeth left and a big decision regarding restoring your smile. There is a way to keep up with needed dental procedures without having to grit your teeth through your fears. Dr. Aziza Askari, your Farmington Hills dentist, would like to educate you with a quiz on sedation dentistry.


Q1. True or false: Multiple dental procedures can be done at one time when you opt for IV sedation.

Q2. True or false: Nitrous oxide isn’t strong enough for anxious patients.

Q3. True or false: Any dentist can provide sedation for patients.


A1. TRUE –  This is one of the great things about sedation. Anxious patients can feel overwhelmed by the amount of dental work that has built up over years of neglect. Without sedation, you might not be up for everything at once. The stress of your nerves can make procedures take much longer and seem overwhelming. When you’re under the extremely relaxed conditions of sedation, all of the dental work you need can be done without your knowledge. You’ll wake up feeling relaxed and relieved.

A2. FALSE – Nitrous oxide is certainly a viable option for many patients to take enough of an edge off of their fears that they can get through dental appointments feeling calm and cool. Oral sedation is another possible option. You take a small pill that induces a state of semi-consciousness with the end result of no memory of what has happened. If neither of these options seem like they’ll be enough to meet your dental phobia needs, there is always IV sedation.

A3. When seeking IV sedation, you definitely want to make sure that you seek a certified sedation dentist like Dr. Askari. Additional training and credentialing are necessary to ensure that patients are being given the best and safest care. If your dentist is not certified, seek sedation elsewhere.

Sedation Dentistry in Farmington Hills

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