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Aloe Vera LadyThere’s a possibility that you’ve used aloe vera to soothe a rash, bug bite, or sunburn this summer. You might not think of the gel centered stalky green plant as having any oral health benefits, but it just might. One article published in General Dentistry (the journal of the Academy of General Dentistry) shows compelling clinical results from research done on aloe vera’s ability to kill oral bacteria. Others tout aloe vera as being a great do-it-yourself whitening compound for your teeth. Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari, will talk more about aloe vera and your teeth.

Aloe Vera Kills Bacteria

The aforementioned study found that brushing teeth with aloe vera may kill the bacteria responsible for causing tooth decay and gum disease. In fact, aloe seemed to be more effective than several name-brand toothpastes in fighting germs. The compound within the plant that seems to have the magical bacteria fighting properties is called anthraquinones. This particular chemical is a pain reliever and inflammation reducer. Unfortunately, the gel needs to be stabilized, so this process won’t be as simple as a store bought bottle of gel. Scientists plan on further researching and isolating the beneficial compound to utilize it in oral healthcare products in the future.

Other Dental Uses for Aloe Vera

The non-abrasiveness of aloe vera gel has made it a choice for natural teeth whitening for people over the years. While it will not give you incredible results, you may find that touch-ups to professional whitening are possible with aloe vera gel. Some people find aloe to be a great toothpaste substitute with extremely sensitive teeth or concerns about scratching delicate dental veneers. Aloe vera’s anti-inflammatory effects are also helpful in soothing the swelling of gingivitis. Just be sure to check with your Farmington Hills dentist first. You should not expose yourself to aloe if you are pregnant, as it has been shown to induce uterine contractions.

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