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MulticulturalThe American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry deems today World Smile Day. Since smiles are our business at Comfort Dental Spa, we wanted to make sure that we shared this with our patients.  According to psychologists, even forcing yourself to smile can lift your mood. Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari, would like to join in the celebration of smiles by give you some interesting facts about this powerful expression we call the smile.

Smiling is Contagious

Normally we don’t want things to be contagious, but smiling is a good one to spread around.  According to a research study in Sweden, people have a very hard time frowning when they are looking at someone else who is smiling. (It also takes more effort and muscles to frown than to smile). And while most contagious things (like a cold) mean your health is at odds, smiling can actually improve your physical well-being. Smiling creates a state of relaxation over your entire body. This can mean a stronger immune system. Meanwhile, smiles release endorphins which are natural pain killers and stress relievers.

More about Smiles

Smiling is one of the most universal signs of happiness and friendliness all over the world. Not surprisingly, people tent to smile less frequently at work than they do at home. You may want to rethink this strategy, however, considering that people who smile more tend to be more likely to receive promotions. One smile gives up to 53 facial muscles a workout. Still, it comes naturally to us to grin away the day. Many human behaviors are learned through visual cues, but smiling is one that even babies who are blind naturally exhibit.

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