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Smiling Guy GlassesTechnology has brought the dental industry a long way, and will continue to arm dentists with new and more efficient tools to help their patients maintain healthy smiles. A relatively new innovation in the dentistry field is something called Diagnodent. Your Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari, and our team at Comfort Dental Spa will explain how this tool can help you avoid the invasive procedures that can be required when you develop tooth decay.

What is Diagnodent?

Diagnodent is a diagnostic tool that can supplement regular examinations and x-rays to detect cavities. There are times when a tooth appears to be healthy upon examination, but decay is present below the enamel. The Diagnodent System boasts over 90% accuracy in identifying cavities. When tooth decay is halted at an earlier stage, the method of treatment can be significantly less invasive.

How Does Diagnodent Work?

A Diagnodent exam is similar to having a laser pointer aimed at your teeth. The tool scans a clean tooth in a patient’s mouth to calibrate to their particular tooth structure. The amount of light reflected from the tooth will be measured by the instrument. If the tooth is free of decay, there will be little or no light visible. However, if a cavity is present, a greater amount of light will reflect into the Diagnodent System, and the tool will communicate the reading to your Farmington Hills dentist. At that point, Dr. Askari will be able to design a treatment plan based on the severity of the tooth decay.

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