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PopsicleTeeth whitening remains one of the most sought cosmetic dental procedures. Dr. Aziza Askari, Farmington Hills dentist, is happy to provide patients with two cosmetic whitening procedure options. There are options to brighten your smile in the office or at home, depending on your personal preference. Once you’ve whitened your teeth, you will probably want to keep them as bright as possible. Knowing about the most staining foods and beverages will help you meet your goal.


Q1. Myth or fact – Coffee is one of the most notorious teeth staining beverages.

Q2. Myth or fact – The tannins in wine protect your teeth from stains.

Q3. Myth or fact – Popsicles are not good for teeth.


A1. FACT – Today is actually National Irish Coffee day, so this is a good time to discuss the fact that regular java consumption is likely to dull the color of your teeth much faster than they naturally would. Tea has the same effect on teeth, as do carbonated beverages and dark colored juices.

A2. MYTH – Unfortunately, if you assume that drinking red wine is going to cause tooth stains, you are correct. Any food or drink that would stain your carpet can also stain your teeth. Red wine is also an acidic drink and the tannins in the liquid are a big part of their discoloring properties. If you think you’re safe with white wine, your favorite Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio is even more acidic than red wine. Acid erodes enamel, allowing stains to go deeper.

A3. FACT – Especially concerning are those electrically colored frozen “novelties” in the freezer case of your average grocery store. If a popsicle turns your tongue a different color, your teeth are liable to stain as well. Natural popsicles made from real fruit are better, but extremely cold foods can be rough on your teeth and exacerbate any sensitivity you might have.

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