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Preteens EatingTell the truth: how is your nutrition? If you practice moderation in your diet and follow up with good oral hygiene, the occasional sugary indulgence probably won’t amount to cavities. Unfortunately, even when you make the valiant effort to eat healthfully, hidden sugar and acid are a real problem for your pearly whites. No matter how health conscious you are, no one is impervious to dental infections. By paying attention to Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari regarding hidden culprits which wreak havoc on your teeth, you’ll certainly have a better chance at attaining optimal dental health.

How Does Acid Get Into Our Mouths

You weren’t born with Streptococcus Mutans in your mouth. These bacteria cause tooth decay, and only 1% of the population is immune to them. You were probably infested when you were a baby, picking up the bacteria from your parents or other loved ones through kissing or sharing food. Once S. mutans are present in your mouth, they need to eat to survive. The fuel of choice for these germs is sugar. Many people think that sucrose directly causes cavities. As a matter of fact, S. mutans consume the sugar you eat, thereby producing metabolic waste in the form of tooth damaging lactic acid.

Dietary Acid Damages Tooth Enamel

Diet sodas were once considered “health food.” Research and time have led to discoveries regarding detrimental health effects from artificial sweeteners. Some studies even point out weight gain as a result of supposed “diet” sodas. As far as your teeth are concerned, high-acidity softens tooth enamel, providing a direct route for germs to assault your smile. Other acidic beverages include white wine, sports drinks, and lemon-flavored/sugary iced teas. Plaque and tartar form when S. mutans meld with food debris and the acid they produce from consuming sugar. Once your enamel is demineralized, give yourself time before brushing to allow the protective layer on your teeth to re-harden. Strike a balance between your personal oral hygiene and regular six month cleanings and checkups with Dr. Askari, and you should beat S. mutans at their own game.

Visit your Farmington Hills Dentist

Combining a healthy diet with regular dental appointments and good oral hygiene will be a great way to take care of your teeth and gums. To schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Askari, contact Comfort Dental Spa by calling our Farmington Hills dentist office at (248) 474-6434.

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