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Older Woman GlassesOur Comfort Dental Spa team completely understands the emotional difficulties of losing teeth. Not only are there psychological effects from losing teeth, but physical issues occur as a result of the empty tooth sockets where teeth and roots used to reside. Surrounding teeth often drift into an empty tooth gap, creating misalignment and malocclusion. Patients with missing teeth also experience difficulty properly speaking and chewing food. Farmington Hills dentistDr. Aziza Askari offers multiple tooth replacement options.

What are Mini Implants?

The most common causes of tooth loss include periodontal (gum) disease, severe tooth decay, or traumatic facial/dental injury. Not everyone has the jawbone density necessary to accept traditional dental implants, however. Similar to dental implants, mini dental implants address tooth loss in individuals with severe jawbone depletion. Like their big brothers, mini dental implants consist of titanium alloy rods which are inserted into the jawbone. As you heal, these root replacements actually fuse to your jawbone, giving a secure tooth replacement unlike any other. At 1.8 to 2.9 mm in diameter, mini dental implants are small enough to remain secure in thin jawbone, but strong enough to hold the porcelain crowns which will provide a visual appearance of a natural tooth.

Advantages over Removable Dentures

Traditional removable dentures are a good solution for many people, but they can feel uncomfortable and will have to undergo adjustments and replacements throughout your lifetime. Dentures rely on suction and don’t offer the same support for your jaw as implants do. They may begin to slip and slide in your mouth as your jawbone depletes. This makes eating and speaking difficult and frustrating. Cleaning dentures and using adhesives to secure them is less attractive than implants which you can brush just like natural teeth. While mini implants are designed for people with less healthy jawbone, you still must have a certain level of density and a mouth free of periodontal infection to withstand implants of any type.

Mini Dental Implants from Farmington Hills Dentist

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