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ScientistMicroscopeA research study on stem cells showed that the controversial science might hold the key to expedient bone regeneration. This impacts many facets of medicine, not the least of which is dentistry. The scientists at the University of Michigan, School of Dentistry and the Michigan Center for Oral Health Research teamed up with Ann Arbor-based Aastrom Biosciences Inc. Twenty-four patients were studied in this clinical trial looking at jawbone reconstruction following tooth removal. Farmington Hills dentist Dr. Aziza Askari, takes a closer look at this study that could improve dentistry in the future.

The Importance of Jawbone Density

Jawbone deficiency is a common side effect of missing teeth. When a jawbone is not dense enough dental implants might not be an option. The biocompatible titanium posts used in dental implant retained dentures aren’t sturdy enough without ample jawbone for implantation. At that point, your options for natural looking and feeling tooth replacement end at bridges and dentures. Dental implants actually halt further jawbone degeneration by fooling your body into thinking you still have tooth roots.

Stem Cells Step In

Study participants were given either traditional guided bone regeneration therapy, or a more experimental tissue repair with stem cells. The stem cells were extracted from the hips of the participants. Stem cells are easily found in bone marrow. Aastrom is a University of Michigan spinout company charged with processing the volunteer’s bone marrow. They have invented a proprietary system that promotes many forms of cell growth, including stem cells. The stem cells were injected into different areas of half of the participant’s jaws and mouths. Results were promising. The experimental cells from Aastrom regenerated more quickly than other known methods. Bone regeneration such as this is exciting for the future treatments of birth defects and heavy trauma.

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