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Smiling Young LadyWe are proud to offer our patients the innovative orthodontic solution with a clear advantage over any other current options. If you want straight teeth, Invisalign is a fantastic solution. Many of our patients have questions regarding these clear aligners which can straighten crooked teeth without the disadvantages of traditional metal braces.  Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions of Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari.    

Invisalign FAQs

Q1. Are Invisalign alignment trays the same for every patient?

A1. Invisalign makes a great choice for people who present with over-crowding, cross-bites, poor spacing, underbites, and/or overbites because the clear aligners are customized to the individual patient. The process starts with detailed measurements and impressions of your teeth to ensure that the ceramist will know just what to do. Computer imaging helps to design a treatment program to meet your specific needs.

Q2. Will Invisalign work if I had braces years ago, but didn’t wear my retainer?

A2. We see a lot of patients who had traditional bracket-and-wire braces when they were younger. Many young patients don’t wear their retainers as recommended by their orthodontist after braces are removed. Many times, teeth end up shifting. This leaves adults with crooked teeth and a big decision later in life. Invisalign answers to this quandary.

Q3. Is Invisalign really clear?

A3. Thanks to the nearly invisible look of Invisalign, unless someone looks really closely at your smile, your treatment can remain your little secret.

Q4. Can I eat whatever I want with Invisalign?

A4. Well, in a way, yes. You can’t eat anything you want while wearing your alignment trays, but they are easily removable. You can take them out for meals and oral hygiene and then place them back again. This solves one of the age old issues with traditional orthodontics: no food trapped in braces with Invisalign.

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