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When you damage a tooth, you will require restorative dentistry. This field of dentistry refers to any procedure designed to improve the function and health of your smile. We can repair a broken tooth or dental fracture or even address a dental infection. At Comfort Dental Group, we want to help you enjoy a beautiful and whole smile once again.

Frequently Asked Questions Restorative Dentistry

Question: Why do I need to repair a decayed or chipped tooth?

Answer: When a tooth becomes damaged, the sensitive inner tooth structure becomes exposed to harmful bacteria. Soon a tooth may develop tooth decay or a serious infection. Repairing a tooth as soon as possible is vital to protecting the integrity and beauty of your smile.

Question: How does a filling work?

Answer: When a tooth develops a cavity, we often recommend a dental filling. This procedure involves placing a composite resin into the decayed portion of the tooth. A filling protects the remaining tooth structure and prevents further dental caries.

Question: Will the doctor recommend a dental crown?

Answer: If a tooth is seriously damaged or suffers from advanced decay, then you may benefit from a dental crown. A crown is a restoration that covers the visible portion of the tooth. Made from porcelain, this restoration prevents further damage and protects the remaining tooth structure. We may also recommend crowns to restore a tooth following a root canal procedure and to replace a missing tooth by anchoring a dental bridge or completing a dental implant.

Question: When do people need a root canal procedure?

Answer: We typically recommend a root canal procedure when a tooth becomes infected or abscessed. We simply remove the infected tissue and add a filling material to the interior of the tooth and root canals. Then we complete the procedure by adding a dental crown.


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