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What’s Causing Your TMJ Dysfunction?

Perhaps you have recently discovered that your jaw joint discomfort is not something that you suffer from alone. There’s even a name and treatment for your particular range of symptoms that may include a jaw that pops or clicks, feel sore, locks occasionally when you open or close your mouth, or that simply feels tired. […]

Are You Oral Cancer Free?

While many people are aware of oral cancer they mistakenly think that only tobacco users can develop it. The truth is that 25 percent of people who are diagnosed with oral cancer do not smoke or drink. The risk for individuals who smoke or drink may be higher, but whether you use tobacco and alcohol […]

Why You Should Take TMJ Dysfunction Seriously

Do you suffer from popping and clicking in your jaw? Perhaps your jaw becomes stuck for a moment when you open or close your mouth. Worse yet, you may have found that these complaints have become minor when compared with your daily discomfort, including problems like soreness and pain. If you suffer from these issues, […]