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whAre you a woman? Are you aware of the increased risk you have for gum disease because you are female? Fluctuating hormones put women at risk for dry mouth, periodontal disease, and other oral health issues from puberty to post menopause. Most women probably are not aware of this fact. Even as a teen, girls need to be diligent with their oral health care to ward off these dental issues. Read on to find out why women are at risk.

The Effects of Hormones

Women’s hormones fluctuate during many stages in their lives. During those stages, women experience changes in their oral cavities as well as throughout their bodies. These changes put them at an increased risk for gum disease and other oral health issues. When certain female hormones surge it affects the blood supply to the gums.

Puberty: During puberty the levels of estrogen and progesterone rise resulting in an increased blood flow to the gums. This can cause redness, swelling, tenderness, and bleeding especially when brushing or flossing. During this surge of blood flow, gingival tissues react differently to bacterial plaque.

Menses: An increase in progesterone during a woman’s monthly cycle can result in swollen gums, canker sores, or bleeding gums. Some women may even develop menstruation gingivitis a couple of days before their cycle starts, but usually clears up a few days later.

Birth Control: The progesterone in birth control pills can cause swollen and bleeding gums.

Pregnancy: Progesterone levels increase during pregnancy leading to pregnancy gingivitis which is gum disease that only exists during pregnancy.

Menopause: A common side effect of menopause is dry mouth which can result in bad breath and tooth decay. Your saliva helps keep your mouth clean and your teeth healthy so a decrease in saliva can cause oral health issues. Also, during menopause estrogen levels decrease causing bone density to decrease as well, which can lead to bone loss in your jaw and tooth loss.


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