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Procera Crown

You may think that all dental crowns are created equal but it depends on what material they are made of. Certain materials are perfect for certain modalities while others aren’t. For instance, metal is very strong and is great for back molars that withstand a lot of chewing pressure, or perhaps bruxing (the grinding and […]

Regarding Occlusal Equilibration…

Occlusal equilibration is a dental treatment to help correct a bad bide.  A bad bite is referred to as malocclusion. Malocclusion occurs when your upper and lower teeth do not come together in a harmonious manner. This can result in many problems. In order to correct or prevent these problems your dentist may suggest occlusal […]

Occlusal Disease And Your Bite Relationship

Occlusion is the term for the relationship between your upper and lower teeth when they come into contact with each other during chewing, and their relationship to each other at rest. Very few people have a perfect bite. A perfect bite is when your teeth are aligned and your teeth, nerves, muscles, and jaw joints […]