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3goldAre you waking up in the morning with the sensation that you have a mouth full of cotton? Maybe you notice throughout the day that everything feels a bit parched and a bit sticky in there. If so, you may be suffering from an oral health issue called dry mouth. This is what occurs when your mouth is short on saliva flow. Fortunately, there’s generally a reason this is happening and there’s something you can do about it. Consider a few helpful tips to get you through.

Tip #1: Meditate On The Cause

It’s possible that the cause of your dry mouth is something you can address and resolve quite easily – or, you may need to treat this symptom to make things better. For instance, your mouth may feel dry because of a certain medication you are taking (which you may or may not be able to change). Or, you might be congested (which you can resolve by addressing the issue at hand, whether it’s a cold, sinus infection, allergies, or otherwise).

Tip #2: Drink More Water

It sounds simple because it is. It is also highly effective. Whether you’re mouth breathing from congestion, you’re taking a certain type of medication, you’re dehydrated, or something else is causing your dry mouth, we always suggest that you drink more water. Hydrating your oral tissues and the rest of your body’s tissues generally does not call for much more – and water is always beneficial for your oral health.

Tip #3: Talk To Us

If a little more water and addressing obvious factors aren’t resolving your dry mouth concern, we encourage you to schedule a visit to speak with us. By inspecting your mouth and listening to your experience, we can help you figure out what’s happening and how to fix it.


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