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Brush Time: Let’s Review Your Habits

It can be extremely easy to fall into a bad habit or two even when you think you’re on top of your game and trying your hardest. Instead of leaving you to wonder if your dental hygiene is at its best right now (or if you need to change up a few aspects of your […]

Tips For Better Flossing

When it comes to flossing your smile, you might think to yourself that this is the most straightforward dental hygiene step ever. What’s there to learn? How could there be any tips that would make a difference in the results? While you may have always assumed that just quickly moving the floss up and down […]

I Have Bad Breath: Can You Help?

If you’re dealing with bad breath, we are certainly just the people you need to see. It’s important to remember that if your efforts at home are failing you, there may be something requiring professional care causing the unwelcome scent of your breath. Or, you might be overlooking a simple home care factor that’s leading […]