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qascrabbleOh no! You suddenly realize the possibility of a broken tooth actually exists and you have a lot of questions. Is there a way to avoid such a traumatic event? Are there warning signs that it’s a potential problem on the way? What if it happens to you and you find yourself in the middle of a dental emergency in need of dental care? The great news is that we have answers for all of your questions (and we are always here to address your sudden dental mishaps). Learn more!

Questions And Answers

Question: What are some general, helpful guidelines for avoiding a broken tooth and a dental emergency?

Answer: As you might imagine, applying too much pressure to your tooth can cause it to break. Therefore, you should do your best to avoid anything that requires too much of your teeth, such as trying to eat something that’s hard as a rock, carrying something with your teeth instead of your hands, or trying to use your teeth as a knife or scissors.

Question: Are there any obvious signs that a tooth is on its way toward breaking?

Answer: In some instances, yes. If your tooth is suffering from decay, if it has a crack, if it is chipped, or if it is already weakened or damaged in some other form, it may be on its way toward breakage. We suggest you avoid an emergency by coming in for the necessary restorative care.

Question: What happens if I find myself suffering from a dental emergency like a broken tooth? Can I come in for care or will I need to figure something else out?

Answer: You may certainly come in for care! We offer emergency dental care, which means you should contact us immediately if a sudden trauma occurs, so we can repair your smile.


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