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Gum Recession: Quick Details

When you know something isn’t right with your smile at the moment but you have a hard time verbalizing what’s wrong, it’s best to start with the obvious factors. If you can quickly respond with information like, “My gums seem to be further away,” or, “My teeth look longer,” you might be dealing with gum recession. We are more than happy to help you understand this issue and to help you feel better with the knowledge that there is treatment. Get a head start with quick details (but come in for a visit with us, so we may provide you the dental care you need).

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Teeth Whitening: 3 Things Patients Want To Know

When we talk with our patients about teeth whitening, we certainly hear a long list of diverse questions (all of which we are, of course, happy to answer). What we notice, however, is that there are some concerns we hear over and over, which seem to be quite common to just about anyone who is looking for a whiter smile. To help cover the basics, so you can spend your time asking additional questions during your next visit, we’d like to provide you with some details that most patients want to know.

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Fillings And Your Disbelief That You Need Them

When you discover as you sit in our chair that you need a dental filling, a lot of thoughts might cross your mind. At the core of these thoughts, you may experience disbelief: You doubt you have a cavity, you doubt that a filling is necessary, and you might doubt that you need this treatment now. To help you gain some clarity regarding why you really do need this restorative care solution (and why time is of the essence), we would like to respond to some of those common concerns.

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