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Beware of the Dental Downfalls of Tobacco

It’s not a newsflash that smoking tobacco products on a regular basis is terrible for your health. The higher rates of malignancies amongst smokers is clear. Other illnesses of the lungs are also a huge concern. What about your oral health? Smoking does not score any positivity points in that arena either. Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. […]

Farmington Hills Female Dentist Connects Hormones and Gum Disease

Comfort Dental Spa understands that dental health can vary from gender to gender. This generally revolves around hormones. Unfortunately, women succumb to a higher amount of surges and depletions of hormones throughout their lives. This can affect the way your body responds to the toxins from plaque and tartar buildup and can translate into higher […]

Farmington Hills Dentist Speaks About Smoking and Dental Health

Smoking is a dangerous habit. The toll it takes on our lungs is readily known. The percentage of people that succumb to cancer or other life-threatening lung conditions goes up a great deal when they are habitual tobacco users. Additionally, smoking and tobacco exposure can damage your dental health and expose you to oral and […]