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Diagnodent: What Is It And How Does It Help?

womanwonderingblazerYou may hear quite frequently that coming in for your dental checkup affords you the ability to have us detect tooth decay early on in development. However, you may discover that upon some deep thinking about this, you are glad that this is a possibility but you’re just a bit curious about how we do this and why it’s so significant. Take a moment to learn more about a special instrument called Diagnodent and what you can expect from your checkups.

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Q&A: It’s Toothpaste Time!

qatalkbubblesWhen you become invested in your oral health, you will find that you spend a surprising amount of time learning all about dental hygiene products, different professional dental services, and the best way to approach caring for your smile. At the end of the day, you will find you’ve practically become a veritable expert on all things related to promoting healthy teeth and gums. However, you may occasionally come across a stone you have left unturned, some detail that has eluded you! If that seemingly simple detail includes which toothpaste to buy, rest assured, this is a common mishap (and we are ready to offer helpful information). Try our Q’s and A’s for guidance.

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Brush Time: Let’s Review Your Habits

reviewIt can be extremely easy to fall into a bad habit or two even when you think you’re on top of your game and trying your hardest. Instead of leaving you to wonder if your dental hygiene is at its best right now (or if you need to change up a few aspects of your usual routine), we have all of the information you need for a quick review to keep your grin in great shape.

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