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Fillings And Your Disbelief That You Need Them

When you discover as you sit in our chair that you need a dental filling, a lot of thoughts might cross your mind. At the core of these thoughts, you may experience disbelief: You doubt you have a cavity, you doubt that a filling is necessary, and you might doubt that you need this treatment now. To help you gain some clarity regarding why you really do need this restorative care solution (and why time is of the essence), we would like to respond to some of those common concerns.

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Toothaches: Why You Have Them (And What To Do)

jawpainblueThe onset of a toothache is certainly something that can strike fear and concern into even the strongest of individuals! While your tooth is certainly quite small, it’s a very important part of your daily life. It allows you to chew your food, to laugh and smile, and even to form your words! Associated discomfort can also bring a surprising amount of distraction to your life. So, why is it happening, you may wonder? And what on earth can you do to return to your previous state of comfort? Not to worry. We are here to protect your smile and offer help.

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A Teeth Quiz: Do You Know Your Smile?

quizbubblesquareIf you were to teach a child about his or her smile, explaining the structure of a tooth and how many teeth both children and adults have, how do you think you would do? If you think you’d pass with flying colors, you just might know more than the average dental patient about your smile! However, if you’re not sure your presentation would be very informative, there’s nothing to worry about. It’s simply time to quiz your knowledge of baby teeth facts, wisdom teeth details, and more, and to fill up with the bit of education you’re missing. Let’s go!

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