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Teeth Whitening: 3 Things Patients Want To Know

When we talk with our patients about teeth whitening, we certainly hear a long list of diverse questions (all of which we are, of course, happy to answer). What we notice, however, is that there are some concerns we hear over and over, which seem to be quite common to just about anyone who is looking for a whiter smile. To help cover the basics, so you can spend your time asking additional questions during your next visit, we’d like to provide you with some details that most patients want to know.

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Fast Facts: Can Antibiotics Stain My Teeth?  

factsofficesuppliesHave you been considering using long-term antibiotics to treat acne? Have you recently been prescribed antibiotics for a health concern? If so, you may feel uncertain about how to proceed if you’ve heard rumors about antibiotics and the potential for discolored smiles. Like most instances with the human body, the answers aren’t black-and-white. Instead, some patients will respond one way to medication, while others differently. For the fast facts you’re seeking, consider some helpful information.

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Teeth Whitening: Who, What, Where…?

whowhatwherearrowsIs there a part of you that has always felt that the advantages of teeth whitening are out there in the world for the benefit of others (but not necessarily for you)? Does it seem like something so exciting and exceptional that you’re not really sure how to access this cosmetic care option, whether you would qualify for treatment, or how it really works? Fortunately, taking the uncertainty out of whitening is something we can easily do for you. Ready? We’ve got all the answers you need.

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