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Dr. Askari Wants Farmington Hills Patients to be Comfortable and Confident Throughout Their Smile Makeover

I fully believe in the power of cosmetic dentistry. I believe that nothing makes a bigger or faster impact than a person’s smile. In fact, a beautiful smile can be a person’s best asset.

As a dentist, it’s nice to know that my patients come to me because they want to, not because they need to. My patients trust me to create a brand new smile for them that they will fall in love with every time they look in the mirror.

This is a big task, and my top priority is that my patients walk away from treatment at my dental office in Farmington Hills, Michigan, 100 percent happy with their smile makeover. That’s why I made the decision to have as much education and training as possible.

Dr. Askari Promotes Beautiful Smiles and Quality Oral Health at Women’s Expo

Earlier in the month, I attended the 16th Annual Michigan International Women’s Show along with other members of the Comfort Dental Spa team.

Our mission: To introduce the attendees to the latest and greatest innovations in cosmetic dentistry.

TMJ Disorder Can Be a Pain in the Neck (and Head, Jaw, Shoulders, Back…)

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