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Don’t Ignore Your Oral Health- The Consequences Could Be Fatal

Approximately two weeks ago, a 24-year-old Cincinnati father lost his life. Believe it or not, his death wasn’t a result of ongoing health problems, a heart attack, or a car accident. Kyle Willis lost his life due to oral health problems. Willis was suffering from a tooth infection and was told to undergo treatment immediately […]

Learn All About Six Month Smiles!

Last week, Comfort Dental Spa introduced Six Month Smiles, an innovative, new-age, cosmetic-conscious type of braces. Now, we’re proud to announce our brand new video that will tell you all you need to know about this fantastic new treatment. If you like what you see, think you may be a good candidate for Six Month […]

Where are our Smile winners now?

It’s been more than a month since the Best Smile of Detroit winners were crowned! Recently, Amanda Hartung and Joe Carlier came to the Comfort Dental Spa office in Farmington Hills, Michigan to pick up their winning portraits and view the Best of Detroit issue of Hour Magazine. Congratulations again to Amanda and Joe! Thanks […]