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A few weeks ago, Dr. Aziza Askari, a cosmetic dentist in the Detroit area, was featured in an article for The Fiscal Times about the high costs of neglecting your dental health.

In the article, Dr. Askari discusses how she adapted her practice to fit the needs of her patients when people didn’t have money to spend on dental care. She turned her focus to holistic treatment and sedation dentistry in an effort to put people at ease while in the dental chair. This change broadened her patient base and encouraged patients to not neglect their dental care.

After all, good dental health can be the key to overall health. Despite this tried-and-true fact, however, fewer Americans are willing to invest in their dental care thanks to the recession. For those patients who know the importance of dental health, it has become custom to look for less expensive- and, therefore, lower quality- options. As said in the article, “a lot of people think a crown is a crown is a crown, but they’re not…It’s like comparing the Ritz-Carleton or the Hilton to the Motel 6.”

At Comfort Dental Spa, Dr. Askari and our team provide you with the care you need, and only the care you need. We want to help you restore, maintain, and achieve your dream smile, and we won’t waste your time suggesting treatments that you do not need or want. If you want an honest answer and the dental care you need and deserve, contact our Farmington Hills dental office at (248) 474-6434 to reserve your consultation appointment.

To read The Fiscal Times article in its entirety, click here.

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