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Do you know what the most common bone disease is in the United States? If you guessed osteoporosis, you’re right.  Although osteoporosis can develop in both men and women, it typically affects more women than men. Osteoporosis can also affect your oral health as well. Dr. Aziza Askari and our team at Comfort Dental Spa explain.

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a bone disease that results in bone loss. Because the body is unable to regenerate new bone mass, bones become less dense and vulnerable to fractures. Common areas that may be affected by bone loss are the hips, knees, spine, elbows, and wrists. However, bone loss can occur anywhere in the body.

What causes osteoporosis?

A number of factors contribute to osteoporosis. Calcium deficiencies, genetic predispositions, and inactive lifestyles are common risk factors. Patients who drink alcohol or smoke are also at risk.

Can bone loss be prevented?

Although osteoporosis is not entirely preventable, the medical community recommends that patients exercise frequently, take calcium supplements, and avoid smoking and drinking.

How does osteoporosis affect oral health?

Because any bone loss density in the body, osteoporosis may affect the jawbone and other facial bones. Losing bone density in the jaw may result in tooth loss and affect a patient’s ability to speak, chew, and move their mouth. Studies estimate that women with bone loss are at a heightened risk for tooth loss.

At your regular oral examinations at Comfort Dental Spa, our dentists will look for signs of bone loss and assess the health of your jawbones. To schedule an appointment at our Farmington Hills dentist office, contact Comfort Dental Spa at (248) 566-690. We serve patients from Novi, Livonia, Dearborn, and the neighboring Detroit communities.

Comfort Dental Spa to Attend the Spring Senior Expo

Don’t forget that Dr. Askari and our team will attend the Spring Senior Expo on May 22nd. We will discuss the importance of oral healthcare and oral hygiene for seniors. Comfort Dental Spa believes that oral health is important to your wellbeing at any age! We hope to see you there!

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