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Soy Milk May Lead to Tooth Decay

A recent study conducted by researchers at Melbourne Dental School suggests that soy milk, a common substitute for regular cow’s milk, may actually promote tooth decay. While scientists say one glass of soy milk a day will not significantly harm the oral health of adults, they warn it may produce harmful effects on the oral […]

What Does Seaweed Have to Do with Your Dental Health?

When you think of seaweed, you probably imagine clips from the Discovery Channel with hordes of fish hiding for their lives or carrying on with fish business, or maybe you imagine your last vacation to the beach where slimy green sea flora washed up on the shore. However, have you ever imagined seaweed as an […]

Dr. Askari, MAGD, Discusses The AGD’s New Campaign

As a child, you learned how to brush your teeth, write your name, and tie your shoes. As with many behaviors, oral hygiene habits develop at an early age. Optimal childhood oral hygiene development is the focus for the Academy of General Dentistry’s new endeavor. Our Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari, MAGD, will discuss […]