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In our last dental blog, our Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Askari discussed how bone grafting can help patients who were previously not an ideal candidate for dental implants. Bone grafts build back the jawbone mass necessary to place the full dental restoration. For patients who prefer to opt out of invasive surgery or need a tooth replacement sooner, our Farmington Hills dentist offers other options for addressing tooth loss.

The Difference between Dental Implants and MDIs

Mini dental implants, also called MDIs, are a smaller, less invasive version of full dental implants. Like dental implants, mini dental implants adhere to the jawbone using a biocompatible rod, and replace tooth structure with a porcelain crown. Unlike dental implants, MDIs use a much smaller screw-like anchor placed into the jawbone. This component allows mini dental implants to be placed in less jawbone mass than full dental implants, with no oral surgery required.

The Benefits of Mini Dental Implants

These dental implant alternatives are often used as anchors for dental prosthesis. They stabilize dentures and partial dentures, preventing slipping. A non-surgical procedure, MDIs are ideal for elderly patients who may have a more difficult time undergoing extensive oral surgery. These dental restorations require no cutting or suturing for placement as a gentler option than traditional dental implants. Mini dental implants offer the benefit of faster placement and healing time than full dental implants. MDIs can be placed and fitted with dentures or partial dentures in the same day.

Mini Dental Implants in Farmington Hills

No matter the current condition of your smile, our Farmington Hills dentist can help improve your oral health with gentle dentistry options like mini dental implants. At Comfort Dental Spa, we look forward to helping you achieve a higher quality of life with quality dental care. For more information call Comfort Dental Spa, our dental office in Farmington Hills at 248-474-6434.


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