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In a pursuit of excellence in comfortable, quality dental care, our Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Askari, has invested in technology that gives an alternative to the dental drill. At Comfort Dental Spa, our mission is to improve our patients’ quality of life through dental care that addresses their specific needs. Waterlase allows patients with dental anxiety to get the treatment they need with gentle dental care. Our Farmington Hills dentist will describe the ins and outs of Waterlase dentistry and how you can benefit from this innovative technology.

What is Waterlase Dentistry

For over 14 years, Waterlase dentistry has been helping patients receive gentle dental care without fear of the drill or anesthesia. This technology incorporates laser energy and a gentle stream of water to prepare teeth for restorative dentistry. Performing a variety of dental procedures, the handheld Waterlase device can be set to address hard or soft tissues with precision. Specific wavelength settings allow Dr. Askari to be in complete control of your treatment. With a certification from the Academy of Laser Dentistry in Laser Proficiency, Dr. Askari has the training and experience to ensure your utmost safety.

Why Choose Waterlase Dentistry

Benefits of Waterlase dentistry include comfort, convenience and precision. Unlike traditional dental treatment, Waterlase dentistry requires fewer shots and local anesthesia, if at all. This means increased comfort, less numb lips, and alleviated dental anxiety. Waterlase does not produce heat or vibrations typically associated with the dental drill, making your dental care more pleasant. In addition, since there is less need for time consuming numbing to take effect, our Farmington Hills dentist can complete your dental procedures more efficiently than ever with Waterlase dentistry.

Waterlase Dentistry in Farmington Hills

At Comfort Dental Spa in Farmington Hills, our goal is to offer you a wide variety of ways to improve your oral health in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere. For more information about Waterlase dentistry, call our Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari, at 248-474-6434.


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