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Detecting Oral Cancer at Comfort Dental Spa

Commonly called the ‘forgotten cancer’, oral cancer is responsible for the deaths of over 8,000 people every year. That is nearly one person every hour, twenty four hours a day. The death rate for oral cancer is far higher than many other more commonly publicized cancers, killing an average of 43% of those diagnosed within five […]

Your Farmington Hills Dentist Discusses TMJ Disorder

Have you ever taken a bite of food and noticed a “popping” or “clicking” sound as you begin to chew? Even if little or no discomfort occurs when you experience these symptoms, you might be suffering from TMJ. What is TMJ Disorder? The temporomandibular joint is also referred to as the TMJ. Your TMJs are the […]

Bacteria Fight Back Against Fluoride

Farmington Hills residents should know that fluoride is currently one of the most effective ways to combat tooth decay. Fluoride makes growing teeth stronger, and binds to enamel, hardening it against acids produced by oral bacteria. Fluoride is also known to be toxic in high concentrations to the bacteria in our mouth, but did you […]