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If you’ve had a recent filling, you may have been perplexed if your dentist told you to bite down on a colored piece of paper, and then asked: does your filling feel too high? Most patients experience a degree of anxiety about getting a dental procedure, naturally, so when you’ve come to the end, you’re likely ready to go home. Add this to the challenge that your mouth is probably still numb from general anesthetic, and you may find the high filling question a little difficult to answer. However, if you’re filling ends up being high, you’re likely to end up feeling considerable discomfort. Dr. Askari, your Farmington Hills dentist, explains how to recognize high fillings, why they cause pain, and what you can do about them.

Why Does a High Filling Cause Discomfort?

High fillings put stress on your periodontal ligament. The inflammation causes tenderness, discomfort, and sometimes out-and-out pain. If a high filling isn’t fixed, the chronic periodontal ligament stress can lead to acute apical periodontitis, also known as symptomatic apical periodontitis. Feeling pain at the site of your new filling might really concern you. Could this be an infection? Am I going to have to get the filling done all over again? Luckily, if your problem is a high filling, your dentist will likely have a swift solution. Going into your dentist to get the filling ground down to the right level, in order to even out your bite, will usually only require a few minutes back in the dental chair.

How to Identify a High Filling

After you’ve left your dental office, and the local anesthetic has worn off, a little discomfort might be usual. However, if you feel actual pain, or the discomfort lasts for days, you likely have a high filling. You may also feel a misalignment when you bite down. If your new filling just doesn’t feel right, call your dentist right away. Once the filling is corrected, your periodontal ligament may still need a little time to heal, but you are likely to feel as good as new within two weeks..

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