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Farmington Hills Dentist Explains IV Sedation

Have you been putting off dental work, or even just a simple checkup and cleaning? Perhaps you have severe dental anxiety, or an out-and-out phobia. You are certainly not the only one. However, there are ways for you to get the dental work you need and deserve for your overall health and smile confidence, without […]

Navigating the Changes in Our Teeth as We Age

We use our teeth more than we probably realize. Eating is one of America’s favorite pastimes, and it requires a rugged set of pearly whites to cut, grind, and chew all of those delicacies. Over time, we are destined to experience wear and tear on our teeth, especially if we suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding) […]

Alzheimer’s Awareness Month in Farmington Hills

Oral health and overall health are linked in a variety of ways. Research abounds constantly that provides more information on oral-systemic health. One symptom can lead to another, and yet another, in quick succession. Gum disease might lead to toothache and then jaw pain – next thing you know, you’re showing signs of temporomandibular joint […]