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Vitamin D and Tooth Decay: Farmington Hills Dentist Explains Connection

Vitamin D occurs in nature and helps us to regulate our mood. This is why people that live in parts of the world that don’t see a lot of sun during certain times of the year have higher rates of depression. Vitamin D supplements are generally recommended to people that set up their homes in […]

Experiment Pinpoints Potential Way to Halt Severe Gum Disease

Periodontitis is the clinical term for severe gum disease which affects almost 50% of the adult population in America. This gum tissue inflammation, combined with periodontal pockets, can lead to tooth and jawbone density loss. There are many studies that point to periodontitis have a systemic impact on overall health, as well. Farmington Hills dentist, […]

Dental Implants Ease Frustration

When a patient is missing teeth, deciding on the best restorative dental options can be overwhelming. Many people are understandably intrigued by the latest dental implant technology. Dr. Aziza Askari, an experienced implant dentist in Farmington Hills, MI, will provide information about dental implants that might help you come to an educated decision. Dental Implants […]