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The human mouth is an important and complex organ. When it is distressed, there is little chance of not noticing it; in some studies, women have explained the agony of a toothache as being second only to childbirth. There are myriad reasons for your mouth to give you trouble, but regardless of the cause, mouth pain is never a good sign. If discomfort affects your oral cavity, diagnosing and treating the cause could be vital to maintaining the integrity of your teeth and gums. As part of our dedication to your continued good oral health, Detroit dentist Dr. Askari discusses some the common sources of mouth pain.

Common Causes of Mouth Pain

Damaged Tooth Structure

Contact sports and other aggressive activities are a fun and healthy way to spend time with family and friends. Unfortunately, these physical activities are also rife with the risk of injury, including to your teeth. Knocked-out teeth may be a badge of honor in a game of hockey, but they can be a source of extreme dental discomfort in real life. A knocked-out tooth is also not subtle, and you should know if that is the source for your discomfort or not, but a crack or fracture may be less obvious. Damaged tooth structure exposes the tooth’s pulp (blood vessels and nerves), leading to severe tooth sensitivity. The damage also exposes your inner tooth to bacterial infection and tooth decay.

Infected Teeth

Tooth decay can take hold of a tooth even it hasn’t been damaged by trauma. Oral bacteria produce toxins and acid that erodes your tooth enamel, neutralizing your tooth’s protection. Once enamel is too weak to repel bacteria, the germs can reach the unprotected underlying tooth structure to spread infection and decay. The layer directly underneath tooth enamel, called dentin, contains little holes that lead to the tooth’s pulp, feeding it sensory information. When food debris and bacteria reach dentin, the discomfort is registered by your tooth’s nerves.

Infected Gums

Gum disease, which affects 80% of adults in America, threatens the very structures that hold and support your teeth (i.e., gums, connective tissue, and jawbone structure). Your gums surround and seal in the roots of your teeth, much like a gasket in a motor. When gum disease develops, periodontal (gum) tissue separates from your teeth, exposing your teeth’s roots. Since enamel only covers the top, visible part of your tooth, your roots are exposed and vulnerable when gums recede.

We Can Help

Treating your mouth’s discomfort depends on what ails it. If your tooth, or any other part of your mouth, hurts, don’t hesitate to call us. To schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Askari, contact Comfort Dental Spa by calling our Farmington Hills dentist office at (248) 474-6434.

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