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Farmington Hills Dentist Speaks About Homemade Teeth Whitening

Are you someone who enjoys baking throughout the year? If so, you have probably scooped your fair share of baking soda from box to bowl. Baking soda helps baked goods rise up to fluffy perfection. But there are many other uses for baking soda.  You have probably seen toothpaste with added baking soda in  stores, […]

Dental Contouring Explained by Farmington Hills Dentist

Patients that feel insecure with the way their teeth are shaped, or that have slight overlaps between teeth, can sometimes turn to something called tooth reshaping, or dental contouring. Non-invasive, abrasive techniques are applied to shave off small amounts of tooth enamel. With dental contouring, the size and shape of teeth can be changed enough […]

Cut Back on Soda, Says Farmington Hills Dentist

Are you a self-professed soda addict? Do you guzzle sugary (or diet) carbonated beverages all day long? If so, you join an estimated 48% of Americans that admit to drinking soda every single day. Increasing research shows that the sugar in regular sodas might be a big contributing factor to our nation’s obesity challenges. Still […]