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Tooth ReshapingPatients that feel insecure with the way their teeth are shaped, or that have slight overlaps between teeth, can sometimes turn to something called tooth reshaping, or dental contouring. Non-invasive, abrasive techniques are applied to shave off small amounts of tooth enamel. With dental contouring, the size and shape of teeth can be changed enough to make a subtle change in appearance. Reshaping the teeth may also just be a preliminary step before applying composite-resin for a dental bonding procedure. Your Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari, will explain more about dental contouring.

Positive Aspects of Dental Contouring

If your need for cosmetic changes to your teeth is relatively minor, reshaping your teeth might be a great way to erase those little flaw that bother you. Dental contouring is a very conservative approache to altering the appearance of teeth just slightly. Because the procedure is not terribly involved, the cost is generally low compared to other more challenging cosmetic dental procedures. Smoothing out cracks, overlaps, and chips can help keep teeth healthier because plaque and tartar tend to buildup in those spots. In cases where slight overlaps don’t warrant full blown orthodontics, dental contouring can make your smile look more aligned.

Problems with Dental Contouring

Every case is different, but there can be some disadvantages to reshaping teeth. Some patients report tooth sensitivity as a side effect, and that is something to be concerned with. Make sure you are comfortable with the dentist you choose, and that they have a proven track record of similar cases to yours. If the dentist is not skilled, and removes too much tooth enamel, teeth can be prone to chipping, cracking, and breaking down the road. Also be aware that the changes from dental contouring are not dramatic in the same way porcelain veneers or complete smile makeovers are. If you are looking for a complete change in the way your teeth look, tooth reshaping might not be enough for your taste.

Interested in Dental Contouring?

If you are interested in dental contouring, or any cosmetic dental procedures, schedule a consultation with Dr. Askari. You can contact Comfort Dental Spa by calling our Farmington Hills dentist office at (248) 474-6434. We are happy to serve patients in Farmington Hills, MI, the 48335 zip code, and surrounding neighborhoods.

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