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Oral HPV and Oral Cancer Linked by Farmington Hills Dentist

The human papillomavirus (HPV) affects at least 20 million Americans, making it one of the more common viruses. Every year, doctors diagnose roughly 6 million new cases of HPV. The usual method of discovering the HPV virus is an annual pap smear with a gynecologist. What does this have to do with dental health? Many […]

Farmington Hills Cosmetic Dentist on Cracked Teeth

There’s no way to guarantee that your teeth will remain intact. There are so many hazards that we put our teeth through on a daily basis. Even the simple act of eating can be a danger to your teeth. If something you’re consuming contains a surprisingly hard spot that you bite down with full force, […]

Farmington Hills Family Dentist on Canker and Cold Sores

You may be all too familiar with the tingly ache on the corner of your mouth that tells you that a cold sore is coming on. Or how about that tiny little bump on your tongue that seems innocuous enough but causes a shooting pain when anything touches it. If either of these scenarios are […]