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Knocked Out ToothTraumatic impacts can often result in facial or dental injuries that take away from your quality of life. The emotional toll of such a trauma can often be just as upsetting as the physical side. At Farmington Hills Dental Spa, we take pride in addressing the outer and inner spirit by offering our patients compassionate dental care, no matter how much work is needed to repair the damage. Your Farmington Hills dentist, Dr. Aziza Askari, will tell you more about dealing with a dental and facial trauma.

So Your Tooth is Knocked Out?

If your tooth is knocked out by a traumatic injury such as a car accident, sports injury, or being punched in the mouth, time is of the essence. Your Farmington Hills dentist recommends acting quickly if you would like to ensure successful tooth re-implantation. Do your very best (or ask a friend for help, if you are in shock) to retrieve the knocked out tooth, holding it by the crown (top). Gently rinse the tooth free of debris by running it under lukewarm water, but nothing harsher than that. Store the tooth in a salt-water mix, saline solution, room temperature milk, or even between your cheek and gums. This may sound unusual, but it will preserve the tooth’s tissues.

Dealing with Facial Trauma

Important to say: if you succumb to a life-threatening injury (or are with someone who does) get to the nearest hospital or dial 9-1-1. A facial laceration is a cut on the soft tissues in your mouth. The first priority should be stopping the bleeding. You should apply gentle pressure to the cut with a clean cloth or sterilized gauze. Avoid aspirin for pain relief as this can contribute to an increase in bleeding, and can actually burn your mouth tissues if the aspirin is pressed to your oral skin for too long. Call your dentist immediately if it is not a dire emergency, so you can get in for an examination. If you should need oral surgery to correct your dental issues, we will be able to help, or point you in the right direction.

Compassionate Dental Care from Farmington Hills Dentist

If you have a dental concern, call your Farmington Hills dentist for a consultation at (248) 289-3852 to schedule an appointment with our 48335 dentist office today. We serve patients from Dearborn, Novi, Livonia, Farmington Hills, and the surrounding Detroit neighborhoods.


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