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Dental Health Benefits of Iced Green Tea

As the weather is warming all over our country, you may find yourself reaching for cool drinks throughout the day. Even if you want a caffeine boost, you can still cool off with iced coffees. In fact, your corner coffee house likely serves just about every warm drink they have on the menu over ice, […]

Tooth-colored Fillings for Our Farmington Hills Patients

We generally don’t need to worry too much about the cosmetic elements of the teeth that are furthest back in our mouths. Still, you’ve probably seen someone giving a great hearty laugh at a joke you’ve told. Their open mouth laugh reveals an unattractive mouth full of metal. Or perhaps that’s you. Wouldn’t you rather […]

Denture Quiz from Farmington Hills Dentist

While the ideal situation is to keep all of your natural teeth with the help of good oral hygiene and preventive dentistry, some people end up losing their teeth, and that’s just a fact. Whether decay got the better of you, or an unpredictable traumatic injury or accident occurred, if you have many teeth to […]