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Relaxed PatientIf you feel nervous about the idea of even a simple preventive dental checkup and cleaning, you may be someone who suffers from severe dental anxiety. If your anxiety is so severe, it may qualify as an actual full-blown phobia. Some fear of the dentist is natural, and many people find it simple enough to power through the butterflies and emerge on the other side of their appointment feeling good about facing their worries. If this seems impossible to you, would you believe that you might have the option to sleep through your entire dental appointment? Dr. Aziza Askari, your Farmington Hills dentist, will tell you more about your sedation dentistry options.

No Need to Fight Your Anxiety

What are you scared of? Sometimes pin-pointing the exact reason for your anxiety can help you work through the fear. However, it’s just not that simple for many people. Anxiety can feel like a physical reaction that you have no control over. You might be the strongest willed person in the world, but when those tingles and dizzy spells sweep over your body, making you feel faint, how can you talk yourself out of what seems to be a downright malfunction of your faculties.

So don’t feel bad if you are one of many who just can’t get past their dental fears. The cause is not really of concern if your fear is so pervasive that it has you putting off necessary dental procedures. Your Farmington Hills dentist offers various forms of sedation so that you will be on track to going through with all of your necessary dental work without having any actual memory of the treatment.

Sedation Dentistry Options

Nitrous oxide is a gentle and safe way for some people to get through their dental appointment with a relaxed state of mind and being. Nitrous (also known as laughing gas) wears off as quickly as it takes effect. If something stronger is necessary, or you have some type of aversion to nitrous oxide, oral sedation might be a viable option for you. Just a small pill swallowed by you can bring about such relaxation that you may not really be aware of what’s going on (and probably won’t care).

Still, IV Sedation might be necessary for the most phobic patients. As long as you ensure that you are visiting a certified sedation dentist, you can relax in knowing that your procedure will go off without a hitch while you snooze away. Your vital signs will be monitored by a highly trained staff to make sure that you are in the safest possible situation.

Sedation Dentistry in Farmington Hills

We offer various forms of sedation dentistry to suit your personal needs. Contact our 48335 dentist office at (248)566-6490 for a consultation. We are happy to serve patients of all ages, from Farmington Hills, Dearborn, Novi, Livonia, Detroit, and surrounding neighborhoods.

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